My House

This weekend my house decided to hate me.  Don’t get me wrong, after years of serious neglect, I don’t blame it for being angry.  I’ve mentioned we are trying to fix this amazing French Colonial bad boy up.  Well, this weekend the house just started to fall apart.

Neglect started years ago when Jerry was ill, things would go wrong and we’d just make do and stop using a particular thing or as I like to say, Jerry rig it, to work again.  My sweet Jerry put the Jerry in Jerry rigging.

I started trying to fix things 3 summers ago by using weed and feed on the lawn.  I thought maybe green grass would bring joy and happiness to our lives and make the house at least look happy.  Well, it kind of did but green grass quickly escalated into repairing the side yard.  So I made it into kind of a kids throw back area with a hopscotch made of pavers.


The little plants didn’t make it but the pavers are still there.   It’s filled in with weeds and grass, mowed down it looks like grass.  I will take it.

The second summer, I focused on keeping the grass green with more weed and feed.  I also wanted to sand and re-stain my deck.  So we did, Adam bought me my starter set of patio furniture. 20170514_172805.jpg

I also had a army of angels come and help me clean up some of the mess Jerry left behind.  It would take 5 trips to the scrap yard, 7 trips to the dump, and a tow truck before it would be ready to do anything else but it was a start.


This summer, I’ve been focusing on my back yard.  Adam is going to be building a patio with a fire pit and getting a good drive way back to my barn and corrals.  My thought process was to eliminate the mud in the winter so my house would stay cleaner and then I can focus on the inside.


I should also mention that I updated the windows, installed a new furnace and got central air.  I also had to replace my hot water heater.  I’ve tried to have the right priorities for this poor old house.

This weekend my one working bathroom shower decided it didn’t want to turn off.  We’ve had issues before and we were down to this one shower working for the family.  I needed this shower to turn off.  Unfortunately, it would not.  Enter my hero who tried to shut it off and got soaked in the process.  We turned the water off entirely to the house, he bought me 2 gallons of water at the gas station, and promised to return the next morning with a fix.

Return he did.  Not only did he fix my shower but he fixed my main bathroom too.  I have two places to shower now!  My boys are all headed back to the main bath, and I was able to decorate it again.  It does need some paint and a new vanity top but it looks so much better and functions.  Win. Win.


In the process of fixing the shower we discovered the main water valve to the house was leaking so that was fixed too.  My dishwasher started sounding like a semi on steroids on Saturday so I think that might need to be replaced too.  When it rains it pours…

The one positive thing about your house hating you is getting to spend more time on Pinterest!  That’s where I’ll be if you need me.


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