Everyone takes their health for granted. When you are healthy you just do whatever and not think about it.  There are some freaky people who really do like kale and running.  I am not one of them.

I am a sedentary creature who prefers chocolate over just about anything.  But one day, I got a little blob in my vision.  It didn’t go away.  My joints ached after I gave birth to T, but I was commuting for an hour so I thought that was the issue.  Then my mid back started to tingle.

I went to the doctor for a sinus infection and left with an emergency visit with an eye doctor that led to a visit with a neurological ophthalmologist.  That was six years ago.  I still remember the doctor telling me she thought I had MS.  Two of the scariest letters in the alphabet.

An MRI of my brain confirmed the diagnosis.

I have relapsing and remitting MS.  The good kind, if there is such a thing.   I currently have it in remission where  hope to keep it.  The battle is fierce though.  I have learned a lot about nutrition and the lack thereof in my life. I am always looking for ways to improve what I consume.

Recently, I was at the GYN doing my annual thing.  The lady doing my labs was a chatter box and we discovered we both had MS.  She shared with me a new book she had found and I’m going to read it.  The book is called Wahl’s Protocol.  It’s written by a doctor who has MS and treats it by finding balance in food.

The thing is, I was treated for years for a vitamin deficiency but no one tied the pieces together that it could lead to MS.  So nutrition is an easy fix for me to buy into and try.  My family is fairly supportive except when I make kale.  Kale is just nasty.

Adam doesn’t like vegetables and the diets all require vegetables.  He’s eaten more vegi’s with me than his mom.  Sorry Arlene.  He enjoys the deep colored ones but not the leafy greens.  I knew I had him converted when he asked for salad as a main course.  YAY!

I’m sharing this information with you so you are prepared when I start posting recipes to help you maintain your health and vitality through the winter.  Winter is super hard on me.  Last year I gained 15 pounds back that I had fought so hard to keep off.  My motivation to stay thin is that I don’t want anyone to have to lift more weight  than they have too.  But I want to be a healthy thin.

I have learned the hard way how to handle stress.  Some people believe that auto immune disorders like MS are a result of chronic stress.  I don’t know if that is true but I do know my symptoms come back when I am under stress.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday in retail are not the ideal settings for not experiencing stress.   I am working through learning how to do self care after years of putting everyone first.   I’m learning to put me first.  It’s hard.

So if you struggle with some of the same issues as me, follow along and we will do this journey together.  The more the merrier!







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