Greetings from Pueblo Colorado!

First let me go on record that this place is beautiful. I thought Utah was beautiful but it’s not the only gorgeous place on earth. Pueblo is high desert so it’s dry and hot during the day but it cools down quite a bit and fast after the sun goes down. I have cute geckos on my patio and a coven of quail that calls my yard home. It is peaceful and I can see the stars at night.

I’ve only been homesick once and that was in the middle of King Soper’s, a division of Kroger. The grocery stores near me are Safeway and Walmart. They are both a little run down and I thought I would drive into Pueblo to see what King Soper’s was all about. I was so used to Harmon’s and Smith’s that this has been a bit of an adjustment. I also have to drive 15 minutes to my local stores, not just the run down the street. So there I was in King Soper’s looking for a German chocolate cake having a bit of a melt down because it wasn’t home. It’s the only time I’ve questioned my decision which if you know me, that is pretty good.

I love my house. It’s a lot of work to take care of it and the yard but I love it. It feels like the home I always wanted.

Working from home has been an interesting experience. Add in home schooling and not so great wifi and you have a full day of swearing, fixing things and navigating interruptions. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom and now I’m questioning that logic. Y’all have it hard! Working full time was not this stressful. My hat is off to you, keep it up sisters. I see you and I can’t believe y’all do this for fun!

I have learned a few things by picking up 24 years in the same house and moving out of state. The first one is don’t be afraid to do it. This was the best thing I have done for myself in a long while. Yes it was scary. Yes it was sad. I left people knowing I probably wouldn’t see them again and that was heartbreaking. But, I have a fresh start and a new outlook. No one knows the Ju’s here. I’m not living under a shadow.

Here are some other moving tidbits to consider:

  • You don’t need a ton of stuff. The more you cull out the better your move will be.
  • Take the pots. Adam was frustrated that I wanted to take my flower pots because they took up to much room but like the good man he is, he packed them. He’s happy we did because we get compliments on them all the time. It added a lot to our yard!
  • Things will get damaged. Remember they are just things. Your relationships are what you should treasure not your things. My TV got ruined in the move, not a big deal but taking 5 extra minutes to make sure everything was protected would have saved it. When you are stressed and hurried to get on the road stuff happens. It’s replaceable, people are not.
  • Friends. You can never have enough of them. I am forever grateful to mine.

So here I am in Pueblo. Giddy up, it’s going to be a good time!

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