3-2-1 Launch

Being a parent is hard. It’s hard when they are born and you go without sleep. It’s hard when they are toddlers and into everything. Then they go to school and the little darlings are either the bully or being bullied. Next thing you know you are teaching them to drive your expensive car. It is usually one thing after another until they finally come home one day, pack up their stuff and leave you standing in an empty room with posters and gum wrappers on the floor.

Sending my boys to college was both rewarding and sad at the same time. I missed them terribly. When they came back to help me with their dad I realized how much I enjoyed my space and the peace of not having shenanigans. Don’t get me wrong, I loved having them there it was just more challenging. I also realized that once the kid has jumped from the nest, there really is no going back. Things changed.

I’m lucky, I still have T. He keeps me young. But I know one day he’s going to leave for college or to run a tech company and I’ll finally have that empty nest. Having a kid late in life is not the curse I thought it was. I can’t imagine having an empty home for 40+ years.

Blending a family with Adam has been somewhat easy. Adam was very careful in introducing his boys to me and my family. He waited until we were actually dating and fairly serious. His oldest had just turned 18 when I met him. He will be 22 in June. Moving to Colorado created an instant family for us as his boys moved with us. Even though they are both techically adults, we became a family of 5. It was the first time Adam had them living under his roof. He was excited for the possibilties of building memories with them and showing them what family life meant.

Unfortunately, his dreams were not meant to be. Today, the oldest bird is flying out of this nest. Colorado wasn’t his cup of tea so we helped him pack up his car and he’s headed back to Utah. Parenting is HARD. Watching Adam struggle with his boy leaving has been hard to watch. I know both of them will be better men in the end. I wish him well. It’s time for him to shine on his own.

We still have the two younger T’s living with us and those adventures will continue. Adam’s T is doing great and has adapted well to his new surroundings. My T is still getting aclimated but is also doing alright. I did not ever think I’d have two additional boys to launch out into the world but I am grateful that I have them in my life. I am a better mom for having their personalities and talents intertwined with mine. While the final two aren’t going anywhere for a few years I know they will eventually leave too. I’ll be sad but proud.

Just like I am today…

God Speed Tate!

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