Wow is the word that started this epic transformation 10 years ago. I sat on an ER bed with a sonogram in my hand staring at my newly revealed 20 week gestation son. Wow was the only thing that could be said for 30 minutes as I processed the fact that my empty nest just got another bird.

Wow is how I felt when I updated my status on Facebook to widow. I was far to young to have that title. I was wowed every time I met a young widow like myself and tried my best to show them that’s while life is different as a widow it can still be good.

Wow is the best word to describe the moment I realized Adam liked me more than Stetzon and Lex’s mom. I wasn’t sure how to process that one so I turned to my tribe to see if I was crazy. They helped me be brave.

Wow has been used in abundance as I sold my home, moved out of state, navigated Covid and homeschooled my son. It has occasionally been used in utter exasperation as some things do not go as planned.

Oh wow, here I go; is what I thought as I stepped out from behind my gate to walk down the aisle to my sweet Adam. I knew he was thinking, oh wow too.

Wow, my life is different. Wow, what 10 years does to a person. Wow, I’m brave. Wow, I never thought I would ever be this happy or content…but I am.

Wow. Life is good.

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